New York’s ‘I Am Muslim Too’ Rally Captures The True Spirit Of America

People participating in the peaceful protest held up posters of hijab-clad women and chanted “this is what democracy looks like.”

Thousands of New Yorkers gathered at Times Square on Feb. 19 to stand up to President Donald Trump’s travel ban and show solidarity with their Muslim brothers and sisters.

People from various faiths and backgrounds, including Christians, Buddhists and Sikhs, took part in the rally called “I am A Muslim too” led by hip hop mogul Russell Simmons and a rabbi and imam. They held up posters of hijab-clad women and chanted slogans of “this is what democracy looks like.” The “azan” or Muslim call to prayer rang through the city and Muslims bowed down to pray, while others remained peacefully silent.

Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour, who was also present at the event, gave a powerful speech. “While you are saying ‘I am Muslim too,’ I say to you ‘I am unapologetically Muslim, all day, every day,’” she said.

“That we as New Yorkers will not allow for our Muslim sisters and brothers, for our indigenous sisters and brothers, for our Jewish sisters and brothers, for our black sisters and brothers, for our LGBTQIA sisters and brothers, to see horrific things that we saw in our past, today, not on our watch, not on my watch, not on your watch,” she added.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also spoke at the event, saying, “An attack on anybody’s faith, anybody’s faith, is an attack on all people of faith.”

People on social media even supported the cause using the hashtag #IamaMuslimtoo, and shared images and videos from the event.







The event’s official Twitter account also thanked everyone who came out to Times Square.


Check out the video above to learn more about the event.

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