Russian Mosquito Festival Runs Contest For ‘Most Delicious Girl’

The absurd festival started as a joke, but has become an annual event to celebrate the bloodthirsty insects.

Russian Mosquito Festival

While rest of the world grumbles about mosquitoes, a town in Russia is gearing up to celebrate the onset of mosquito season by honoring the insects with a festival of their own.

The absolutely bizarre three-day annual Mosquito Festival is set to take place in the Perm region city of Berezniki, where spectators will gather by the banks of a municipal pond to partake in a series of absurd events, according to a local news agency.

The activities at the carnival will include a “mosquito parade” where people will let out their inner mosquito by dressing like one.

However, the most unusual aspect of the festival is the competition for “most delicious girl,” when women are crowned on the basis of mosquito bites they sustain.

“The girls will stand for 20 minutes in shorts and dresses while they are bitten, and then we will count the number of bites,” explained event organizer Natalya Paramonova, adding that in her experience “mosquitoes bite people … who eat well, don't drink and don't smoke.”

Apparently, an expert panel of judges – including a doctor – will examine the participants’ bodies and the winner will be the one with the most bites.

The winner of 2013 contest received an itch-inducing 100 bites.

The organizers will also run another contest called “mosquito legs” where women will be ranked on how thin their legs are – probably stemming from the fact that mosquitoes have long, spindly legs.

The celebration, which began as a joke festival two years ago, will also feature a competition to see who can catch the most live mosquitoes in record time.

Watch a video from last year in order to find out more about the event:

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