Russian Serial Killer Granny May Have Chopped Up And Eaten 21 People

Accused Russian serial killer granny Tamara Samsonova may have killed and eaten nearly twice as many people as police first suspected.

Tamara Samsonova, Russian serial killer

Warning: This report contains content which some readers may find disturbing.

Committing a murder is abysmal, but keeping a log book of all the victims is just another level of crazy.

A Russian pensioner, who was being investigated for killing 11 people over the last two decades, is now being accused of killing almost twice as many. Police uncovered the gruesome details of at least 10 more murders in a diary the 68-year-old kept alongside her books on occult and astronomy.

Tamara Samsonova, resident of St. Petersburg, was arrested a few weeks ago after the police found a CCTV footage showing the pensioner hauling body parts wrapped in plastic, and a head in a cooking pot, from her home to dump in a nearby pond.

The chopped up parts reportedly belonged to a 79-year-old woman named Valentina Ulanova, who was in Samsonova’s care. The victim was drugged following a quarrel over dirty cups and was cut into pieces with a hacksaw while she was still alive.

“I was getting ready for this court action for dozens of years. It was all done deliberately,” the accused serial killer, dubbed as “Granny Ripper,” told the judge during a court appearance where she confessed of killing her lodgers. “With this last murder I closed the chapter. I am guilty and I deserve a punishment.”

Samsonova's erratic behavior in the court, such as clapping when the judge ordered her held in custody and blowing kisses at the judge, also signals her frail mental health. However, some officers believe that it might be an act.

"She's either much more stupid, or much smarter, than she seems," a law enforcement official claimed.

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As if killing people in cold blood wasn’t horrible enough, the diary also alludes to cannibalism, according to the police. The writings indicate that the former hotel employee had a penchant for human organs – particularly lungs.

“I killed my tenant Volodya, cut him to pieces in the bathroom with a knife and put the pieces of his body in plastic bags and threw them away in the different parts of Frunzensky district,” one of Samsonova's diary entries allegedly said.

Apparently, other accounts in the same diary detail mundane day-to-day activities, such as drinking coffee and sleeping badly the previous night. She is also reported to be obsessed with notorious Soviet murderer Andrei Chikatilo, also known as the “Red Ripper.”

Russia’s leading serious crime unit, the Investigative Committee, is currently comparing the diary with known cases of unsolved murders in the area over the past 20 years. They are also examining if the pensioner did eat body parts of her alleged victims.

If proven guilty, Samsonova might face death penalty.

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