Forget The Flowers, Bring Your Phone - Free Wi-Fi Hitting Cemeteries

Because nothing says respect for the dead than a quick game of Words With Friends at the cemetery.


For the residents of Moscow,  free Wi-Fi service is not a new concept —the metro system and cafes  already enjoy free wireless Internet — but the authorities have now decided to add cemeteries to the list.

The free internet service is likely to start from next year.

What possibly can a person do with Wi-Fi in cemeteries? It's a legitimate question that must have crossed several minds while reading this news.

"People often come and find themselves standing in front of a grave and want to know more about the person lying there," Lilya Lvovskaya, a spokeswoman associated with Moscow’s graveyards authorities, said.  

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Other than that, people will also be able to take and post last pictures with their loved ones.

Also, the cemeteries where the initiative is being taken also have the likes of author Anton Chekhov, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev and the first Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, buried there.

The spokeswoman also believes that the graves of these famous people are like open-air museums and hence people would want to share their experience of visiting them.

If the step of making the first lot of graveyards proves to be popular among the locals, authorities will look into making Internet services available in the remaining 133 cemeteries as well.

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