Russia Opens Katyn Wartime Massacre Archives

Russia on Wednesday published once-secret files on the notorious 1940 massacre of Polish officers by Soviet secret police at Katyn, an unprecedented move aimed at improving ties with Poland.The publication of the files on the Internet, ordered by President Dmitry Medvedev, comes as Russian-Polish ties have warmed after the April 10 plane crash in western Russia that killed Polish president Lech Kaczynski."On the order of Russian President D.A. Medvedev, electronic copies of authentic archival documents on the 'Katyn Problem' from 'Packet No. 1', which were held for decades in the Communist Party archives, have been published on the website of the state archives," the state archives said in a statement.The documents in question had been declassified in September 1992 on the orders of then-president Boris Yeltsin and shared with Poland, so their contents are already well-known, the statement said.But until now the originals had only been available to researchers visiting the archives an