This Russian Region Fights Terrorism With Literature

As the Western world is flexing its military muscle to combat extremism, this region in Russia is making preparations to fight terrorism with literature.


Books called ISIS Is Not Islam are the latest tool in the fight against terrorism in Russia. Authorities are distributing the books to establish differences between extremist movements and real Islam with all its historical interfaith traditions in the Ural region of Russia. 

The 70-page book is written by the Muslim Spiritual Directorate of the region in collaboration with the Theology Department of the Urals State Mining University. It will be handed to clerics in mosques and civil servants, whose work requires cooperation with faiths, as well as professors and students in higher education.


The book includes a brief Islamic history with emphasis on events and excerpts from the Quran that are testament to the fact that Islam forbids creating discord and raging wars. It also quotes the decisions of several Russian Muslim bodies, such as the Spiritual Directorate of Russia’s Muslims denouncing Islamic State as a terrorist group and calling for Russian Muslims to actively oppose its policies.

ISIS Is Not Islam focuses on how the surge in extremism among young people is a result of misunderstood notions of the religion and lack of contact with renowned scholars.

“The Russian president is now allocating a lot of his attention to the explanations over the issue. Our country is setting an example on how to correctly oppose extremists. These are the reasons behind our ISIS Is Not Islam book,” the chancellor of the Urals State Mining University said.

The idea to launch the book came after an 18-year-old Russian girl left the country to marry an Islamic State terrorist in Turkey whom she had met online.

While the world powers are flexing their military muscles to fight terrorists, it is equally important to combat extremists and Islamophobia with soft power. Launching a book is a brilliant way to reach out to not just Muslims but people in general who have misconceptions about the religion’s teachings.

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