Russia Says US Spy Arrests Are Cold War Throwback

Moscow reacted angrily after ten people were detained in America and one person in Cyprus on suspicion of posing as ordinary citizens for up to a decade while carrying out espionage missions. They were accused of attempting to infiltrate political circles to try to collect information on nuclear weapons, Iran, White House rumours ad the CIA leadership.Investigators claimed they had adopted false identities while using advanced computer technology and old-fashioned spy techniques, such as messages sent by invisible ink, to carry out their missions. Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, described the accusations as "baseless" and Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister accused US police of being "out of control". A Russian government spokesman suggested the arrests, just days after Russian president Dmitry Medvedev met Barack Obama, might have been designed to damage improving relations between Washington and Moscow. "We do not understand the reasons that have prompted the Amer