Vladimir Putin And His Prime Minister Work Up A Sweat At Sochi Gym

You’ve seen Putin go tiger hunting, pilot a mini submarine and fly a supersonic jet. Now watch him pump iron and enjoy a steak with his man date Medvedev.

Since meeting in a formal setting was too mainstream for Vladimir Putin, the Russian president decided to have a workout session with his Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev at a gym in Bocharov Ruchei, Sochi.

Apart from running a country, Putin is known for his love for tiger hunting, piloting a mini submarine and even flying a supersonic jet, so it comes as no surprise that this man is a fitness freak. This time he got Medvedev to tag along.

The two men, who moved from one machine to another, seemed comfortable with the equipment, but Putin, a former KGB agent, totally stole the show with his exemplary stamina and ability to pull off extra reps.

Russia is currently under an economic recession, which has led to some of its citizens losing faith in Putin and his presidency.

To fix that small dent in his ever-increasing popularity among Russians, Putin’s  gym photo op could well be a publicity stunt.

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After their intense workout, Putin and Medvedev decided to recover with a protein-packed barbecue, followed by a relaxing cup of tea. It was a classic gym buddy date all around.

Putin, working the equipment:

Putin, working the equipment

And now it is Medvedev’s turn:

Medvedev’s turn

The two even seem to be supervising each other:

Putin's weekend workout

Dmitry Medvedev work out at a gym

Roasting some meat never did a president any harm:

president  Roasting some meat

Followed by a cup of tea:

cup of tea with president

And they exit the gym in unity:

they exit the gym in unity

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