Russian Children Are Invited To North Korea

In order to strengthen ties between the two countries, a new proposition is in place.

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Have you ever wanted to spend your vacation in a North Korean youth camp?

Probably not.

Now, North Korea's general consul in Nakhodka, Russia, Cheon II, has suggested that Russian children spent their school holiday at youth camps in North Korea, according to IB Times.

Cheon II believes that this initiative will help to make the diplomatic ties between North Korea and Russia even stronger.

It might also make the Russian kids 'stronger' too. After a week in a camp, who knows what the children will do or see. 

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After what's been happening in Ukraine, Russian leaders are leading more to their relationship with North Korea than with the West, then ever before.

It would be very interesting to see what happens in the future. If the Russian children actually participate in the holiday, what would it mean for the two countries?

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