Russia’s New Political Chocolates Take A Dig At Obama And Western Leaders

A Russian chocolate maker takes propaganda to the next level.

political chocolate

Western sanctions are hitting Russia’s economy and political situation hard, subsequently affecting the lifestyle of Russian citizens, a matter these people definitely don’t take lightly.

To protest against these sanctions, a Russian confectioner decided to use his product as propaganda against U.S and European powers.

Chocolate company Konfael recently introduced a collection of “political” chocolates featuring U.S. President Obama on its boxes. The collection was released in the lieu of “Defender of the Fatherland Day” – a national holiday celebrated in Russia and former republics of Soviet Union on Feb. 23.

"Today, for many of us, despite the upcoming holidays, it's very difficult to think in terms of flowers and gifts – the political situation in the country distracts us," the company says.

The chocolate boxes are designed like classic Soviet-era propaganda posters, decorated with political slogans and ads. One of these boxes portrays an image of a woman with a finger on her mouth with the caption reading "Don't speak out, gentlemen and dears – Obama can hear!"


However, Obama isn’t the only target; the company also sells stick-figure-candies with caricatures of French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

There is also a chocolate packing which features Russian President Vladimir Putin in sunglasses, with the verse “To be king, when everywhere are pawns – You have to have tough nuts!”

Konfael also sells chocolate tanks, in case chomping down on Western leaders isn't enough.

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