Russian Marines Free Hijacked Oil Tanker In Dawn Raid

Russian marines on Thursday stormed an oil tanker seized by Somali pirates, killing one hijacker and capturing ten others in a helicopter-backed rescue operation at dawn. The raid in the Gulf of Aden resulted in the rescue of all 23 crew members of the MV Moscow University twenty hours after pirates seized the Russian vessel some 500 miles off the Somali coast. The ten captured pirates will be brought to Moscow to stand trial.The hijacked ship's captain, Yuri Tulchinsky, said he had been on his way to China with a cargo of oil worth £35 million when he saw two speed boats packed with armed pirates approaching. The pirates, armed with automatic weapons and grenade launchers, opened fire, he said.Captain Tulchinsky described how he immediately took evasive action, locking himself and his crew inside the engine room before the pirates could take them hostage.