Russia Bans Swearing – In Films

April 24, 2014: Is Russian parliament right to ban swearing in films?

According to a BBC report, the Russian parliament’s lower house has passed a bill which bans the use of profanities in films, music, and other works of art. The bill, if passed by the upper house, will be signed into law by President Vladimir Putin and take effect on July 1, 2014.

According to the stipulations in the bill, members of the public may also be liable to face up to 2,500 roubles ($70) in penalties for swearing in public.

The move is latest in the series of invasive steps by an increasingly authoritarian Russian government. It is not up to the government to decide what’s good or bad in society. Swearing in film or any other form of art should be left to the better judgment of creative individuals.

It seems that the Russian government is using everything possible to restrict an unfavorable opinion. Swearing is just one of the many excuses the government can employ to bar criticism. It goes against fundamental human freedoms and is completely unacceptable.

If passed, the law will also have an effect on the quality of content produced in Russia. It will take away the semblance of realism from films and music.

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