Russian Spy Anna Chapman Is Stripped Of UK Citizenship

Anna Chapman, one of the Russian spies deported from the United States, has been deprived of her British citizenship, the BBC understands. She has lost her British citizenship and exclusion is expected to follow, meaning she cannot travel to the UK. Ms Chapman was among 10 Russians arrested in the US who admitted to being agents for a foreign country. Last week her lawyer said she would like to come to the UK as she has a UK passport through a previous marriage. Russia agreed to exchange four US spies for the 10 Russian agents and the swap was carried out in Vienna on 9 July. Ms Chapman, who is also known as Anya Kushchenko, is the daughter of a Russian diplomat. Until the Home Office's decision, she had dual Russian-UK nationality. BBC home affairs correspondent Andy Tighe said Ms Chapman became the best-known of the Russian spy ring after details and photographs from her Facebook entry were picked up by newspapers around the world.