Russia's Plan To Have Texas Secede From The U.S.

In a strange way, Russia equates their land grabs with the U.S. "wrongfully" grabbing Texas from Mexico and hopes to help free the state

This may be one of the most random political movements in recent memory. Vladimir Putin and Russians are behind Texas succeeding from the Untied States.  

Now let’s work backwards until we understand how this came to be. In a great Politico piece, writer Casey Michel outlines how Russians have suddenly gotten behind the Texas National Movement and are cheering Texas on to divorce itself from the rest of the country.

A man named Nathan Smith presented himself as the “foreign minister” of the TNM (fancy titles often go a long way towards rallying support) and appeared at a far right convention of the most extreme extremists in St. Petersburg Russia. A Russian newspaper spoke to Smith and he convince them that a majority of Texans wanted to breakaway from the U.S., that every Texan currently in the army felt this way and that his supporters were 250,000 strong (note: the Texas Nationalist Movement has 188,000 fans on Facebook).

Russian bot Twitter accounts tweeted out the news by the hundreds and now there is a strange pro-Texas succession movement in Russia. It seems that Russia thinks that this might be a real possibility and is chomping at the bit to throw something at America following their not-so-successful efforts in the Ukraine.

Texas Nationalist Movement

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Even Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown his pro-Texan stance. “We have heard many times from officials that it’s unfair that Siberia, with its immeasurable wealth, belongs entirely to Russia,” said Putin. “Unfair, how do you like that? And grabbing Texas from Mexico was unfair!”

Texas actually broke away from Mexico in order to be a part of the more slave-friendly American South at the time, but we can forgive Putin the fact that American history is not his strong suit.

Still, there seems to be the glimmer of hope from Putin and the Russian government that Texas’s exit from the United States will cause a great, gradual crumbling of the entire country as different states decide they too would like to pack up and leave. That’s unlikely at best, but maybe Russia could take all of these extra confederate flags off our hands now that stores have stopped selling them? 

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