S. Korea Will Help N. Korea With Its Drought Problem—If It Asks

The North Korean people are suffering, and South Korea is willing to be a good neighbor. But only if North Korea admits it needs help.

North Korea is in the midst of its worst drought in over a century, and South Korea is happy to help. On one condition: they admit they're in dire straits and appeal to the South's kindness. 

North Korea drought

Some people are reading North Korea’s dramatic announcement of its climate woes as a means of asking for aid without asking outright. Because pride, you see.

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It looks like North Korea is out of luck where the U.S. is concerned. After it violated a 2012 agreement to halt its nuclear weapons/missile development programs in return for food-based aid from the U.S., the United States seems less than keen on offering further gestures of goodwill.

Also, there’s that ongoing human rights abuse situation. That’s also cause for frosty relations.

China plans on providing aid, being one of the few friends North Korea has left.

South Korea offers to help North Korea in worst ever drought

The United Nations recently reported that around 70 percent of North Korea’s population of 24.6 million is struggling with food shortages. We might make jokes at the expense of the North Korean government, but its people deserve our utmost compassion.

food shortages

Foreign minister Hong Yong-pyo, an authority on inter-Korean ties, hopes that South’s (conditional) willingness to help its northly cousin will provide a platform for civil discussion between the two countries, easing some of the tensions between them.

“At a time when the two Koreas are coping with drought, I think that this situation can be a chance to promote cooperation.”

It’s time for North Korea to put its hubris aside and think about the people receiving the blowback from its schoolyard bickering.

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