Sacked Policeman kills 8 Chinese In Philippines Coach Hijacking

Rolando Mendoza, a highly decorated former senior inspector who had been sacked for extortion and robbery, took the coach hostage, demanding that he be reinstated. Dessed in his former uniform and armed with an M-16 assault rifle, he hitched a lift on the coach from the Philippine capital's historic walled city of Intramuros.Once he was on board, he told the busload of tourists, mainly from Hong Kong, that he was taking the coach hostage. With the vehicle cordoned off in front of the Quirino grandstand, where President Benigno Aquino III took his oath of office in June, the 55-year-old hijacker posted in the windows demands that he be given his old job back. A large piece of paper taped to the front windshield was headed "RELEASE FINAL DECISION" and listed what appeared to be details of his case. Also stuck to the bus door was a piece of paper with the handwritten message: "BIG MISTAKE TO CORRECT A BIG WRONG DECISION". Among the hostage negotiators was his younger brother, Gregorio, also a senior policeman, who told of his sibling's anger over his dismissal. The gunman was dismissed with four other policemen in 2008, after a Manila hotel boss filed a complaint against them for falsely claiming he used drugs in an attempt to blackmail him. "His problem was he was unjustly removed from service. There was no due process, no hearing, no complaint," said Gregorio Mendoza.