Sam Yoons bid to unseat Mayor Menino

"Three Democrats are trying to unseat Boston Mayor Tom Menino as he runs for an unprecedented fifth term. One of his challengers is Sam Yoon, who was elected to the city council four years ago. NECN political reporter Alison King spoke to the candidate. Sam Yoon is a good sport. When I heard the Boston City Councilor played jazz piano -- I had to twist his arm. But he agreed to play -- even when he found out the ancient piano on the 3rd floor mezzanine of City Hall is in need of a good tuning. The 39-year old Yoon doesnt get much opportunity to play these days. Hes too busy running for mayor of Boston - taking on the citys 16 year incumbent Mayor Tom Menino and two other challengers, fellow city councilor Michael Flaherty and businessman Kevin McCrea. Sam Yoon: I present a real clear choice to the Boston voters in that we have two traditional Boston politicians who are vying to lead the city of Boston for the next four years. Im not one of them. Yoon is definitely not your trad