San Francisco Bay Bridge Traffic Disrupted due to "Suspicious Device" on Treasure Island

San Francisco Bay Bridge traffic has been disrupted due to reports of a "suspicious device" in the middle of the bridge.



The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge has taken a few hits in recent months over a variety of issues.  On the western span that starts in San Francisco, there are problems related to the art installation on the bridge's cables that question whether it will hold for the entire period it was expected to last, which was over one year.  On the eastern side that connects to Oakland, the span intended to replace the earthquake-damaged eastern span of the Bay Bridge has now been delayed to cable bolts that have shattered upon installation, leaving it likely to open at the end of the year.

However, the year is not over, and now we have a developing situation that concerns both sides of the bridge, or rather the middle one.  San Francisco police have been dispatched to Treasure Island, the middle island that connects the two spans of the Bay Bridge, due to reports of "a suspicious device" found on the island, assumingly somewhere close to the road connecting the bridges, around 12:52 PM local time.  A bomb squad was called in to investigate and possibly detonate the device.



Due to its timing with Friday afternoon rush hour, initial reports indicated the worst, in that the Bay Bridge was closed in both directions until the situation was resolved.  This proved to be the case momentarily, as noted in the tweet above.  Now, traffic has resumed, but again, due to the timing of the reports and police dispatch, delays are to be expected all through out the area as the jammed highways collide with rush hour traffic.  

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