San Francisco Wants Residents To Go “Full Frontal”

Sex sells – even when you want people to save water during a drought.

SF ad campaign makes water conservation sexy

San Francisco Bay Area is taking its water conservation campaign to a whole new level by making it more ‘sexy.’

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission spokesman are rolling out a new set of provocative public service messages urging residents to go "full-frontal" by purchasing front-loading washing machines which consume less water.

SFPUC Spokesman Tyrone Jue says the racy ads are meant to catch the eye and make conservation more fun.

“It’s a tongue-in-cheek play in what grabs people’s attention,” Jue said, adding the drought is an important topic that “should be grabbing people’s attention.”

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Racy Ads Promote Water Saving With A Wink in San Francisco

Sexy ads promote water saving with a wink in San Francisco

SFPUC Unveils Ad Campaign Urging Residents to Conserve Water

Sexy ads promote water saving with a wink in San Francisco

The ads come almost two months after Governor Jerry Brown ordered a cumulative statewide 25 percent cut in water use by cities and towns.  

California entered the worst stage of its four-year drought this year. While some cities are supposed to save water up to 30%, it’s just 8% for San Francisco where residents used an average of just 44 gallons of water a day as compared to Palm Springs resort areas where the consumption was estimated 368 gallons a day.

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