Lorde Won't Rule San Francisco After Stations Ban "Royals" During World Series

It's not just the World Series; San Francisco and Kansas City are fighting a radio war.

The World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals hasn't even started yet, but the two cities are already exchanging blows over airwaves.

A day before Game 1 of the series takes place in San Francisco, one of the city's biggest radio stations, 104.5 KFOG, announced that it won't give any airtime to Lorde's smash hit song Royals during the entirety of the World Series.


It didn't take long for their inter-city rival 96.5 KOIT to match their gesture.

"Our listeners told us to do it, so we did it! As of 4 p.m. today we've removed Lorde Royals from our playlist until the end of the World Series," wrote KOIT Program Director Brian Figula. "Go Giants, beat the Royals!"

As expected, the self-imposed ban on such an incredible tune purely out of spite wasn't well-received back in Kansas. Their radio stations, especially Mix 93.3, encouraged listeners to bombard the two SF-based stations with requests for Royals. Some others, like 99.7 The Point, have decided to play Royals one every hour for 12 hours on Tuesday when game 1 will be played.

San Francisco deejays need to take another listen to the tune. Lorde clearly sings in the song that she is anything but a ROYAL. Check this out:

"And we'll never be royals (royals)/ It don't run in our blood..."

Sure, the song is titled Royals and also accentuates the word in the chorus, but the lyrics actually aren't supportive or any kind of royals, baseball players or not.

So, instead of banning Royals, SF radio stations should give it more airtime. On the other hand, KC Royals should be completely fine with not listening to a song whose singer takes pride in not being a royal.  

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