BREAKING: San Jose State Lockdown Lifted, No Gunman Found

San Jose State University is on lockdown after a gunman was spotted on campus.

UPDATE: The lockdown at San Jose State University has been lifted. No gunman found:

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San Jose State University students were on lockdown after someone spotted a gunman on campus. According to San Jose State campus security, the Thursday morning lockdown is only in Sweeney Hall. There have been no reports of shots fired, nor has the gunman been taken into custody.

San Jose State security sent out a text to everyone on campus at 9:22 a.m. It read: "Man with gun call - police checking Sweeny Hall - shelter in place."

SJSU authorities said they were looking for a white man in all black clothes, possibly armed with a handgun.

A text alert was issued at 9:22 a.m. campuswide. It read: "Man with gun call - police checking Sweeny Hall - shelter in place." As of 10:32 a.m. PST, Sweeney Hall was still on lockdown, but the rest of San Jose State University was considered safe:

Police have set up a perimeter around Sweeney Hall, which houses the office of the SJSU President.

According to students, police officers are sweeping Sweeney Hall with guns drawn, and are entering classes.  A policeman allegedly told a professor that they were "looking for a guy with a gun and to stay in class until the alert says we can leave."

We will continue to monitor this story, and post updates on the San Jose State gunman as they arise.

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