Sanders Stumbles Big - Will It Cost Him The Election?

Bernie Sanders just stumbled big for the first time in his unprecedentedly successful run for the White House. It just might cost him the election.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has been the Internet’s darling for nearly a year. He has seemed to be able to do no wrong with every speech, policy, and public appearance resonating hugely with millennials. Sanders was even declared to be more popular than the wildly successful (somehow) Donald Trump.

Today, however, the Sanders campaign has encountered its first major stumbling block. And it's a big one.

Early this morning the news broke that a Sanders staffer had been fired for accessing rival Democrat Hilary Clinton’s private voter information.

The firing was apparently not sufficient punishment for the DNC which has now suspended the Sanders campaign from accessing any voter files including their own.

The loss of this information would be a huge blow to the Sanders campaign especially as the primaries draw nearer and nearer.

Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, gave a press conference in response to the suspension.

“"If the Democratic National Committee holds our data hostage ... we will be in federal court this afternoon seeking relief," Weaver said.

Weaver claims that the campaign confessed this breach two months ago and is astounded that the DNC would take such drastic action so late after that confession.

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shculz told CNN’s “Wolf” that this confession never happened.

“"The Sanders campaign doesn’t have anything other than bluster to put out there…they not only viewed [Clinton’s information], but they exported it and downloaded it."

Weaver remained on the offensive stating that the DNC is "actively attempting to undermine our campaign…Clearly in this case it looks like they are trying to help the Clinton campaign."

The last thing Sanders needs is a long drawn out political battle with members of his own party. However, it would also be devastating to permanently lose this data.

This looks like a classic no-win situation for Sanders and it may indeed cost him a victory in the upcoming primary election. 

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