Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists Are Harrassing Victims' Families- Anderson Cooper Gives Cathartic Takedown

Anderson Cooper responded to attacks on him and on the families of victims of the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown CT by conspiracy theorists.

Anderson Cooper did a straightforward and thorough takedown of Sandy Hook Elementary conspiracy theorists who say that the shooting on December 14th in Newtown CT was either completely fake or conducted by government operatives to gin up support for gun reforms (apparently they think that Obama was willing to go to drastic measures to get...background checks). Anderson Cooper, who has now had an extended back-and-forth with the most prominent of these conspiracy theorists, James Tracy, a tenured professor at Florida Atlantic University, gave a thorough explanation of the fallacy of Tracy's theories and the unfair accusations Tracy has since launched at Cooper himself.

What's worse is how these conspiracy theorists have attacked victims' families and witnesses to the crimes, claiming that they must be in on the hoax. This is a classic case of the anonymity provided by the internet making people feel safe in saying outrageous things. If all of these people were in the same room together, how many conspiracy theorists would be willing to say what they have written on the internet to a victim's mother's face.

Maybe too many, but Anderson Cooper's response does provide some brief catharsis.

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