The Guy Who Bought Google.Com Is Paying It Forward With His Reward

Remember the man who owned for a minute? Well, he did something amazing with the cash Google awarded him for discovering a hiccup in its system.

Guy Who Bought Google.Com

Google customarily rewards people who discover hiccups in its system as a part of its security vulnerabilities program. However, when a former employee ended up purchasing and owning, the tech firm told him he would not get any money since the transaction was purely accidental – though the company changed its stance once it learned what ex-Googler was planning to do with the money.

For those unaware, MBA student Sanmay Ved bought the world’s most-trafficked domain last month when he was searching Google domains and noticed that was available for the meager cost of $12.

Ved, who is studying at Babson College in Massachusetts, added the domain to his shopping cart and to his surprise, the transaction actually went through. Instead of receiving the routine “you bought a domain” email from the company, his dashboard that had an overview of his other websites, was updated with messages for the domain owner.

He even received emails with internal information and was able to access the webmasters control.

The Guy Who Bought Google.Com

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Sadly for him, his coincidental run of was short-lived, as Google Domains canceled the sale a minute later and refunded Ved his $12. At first, the tech giant told the man that they wouldn't pay him for discovering such a huge hiccup in their system, but it changed its mind after Ved said he was planning to give away the money to charity.

“I don’t care about the money. It was never about the money,” he told Business Insider. “I also want to set an example that its people who want to find bugs that it’s not always about the money.”

After finding out about Ved’s intentions, Google doubled his reward, and staying true to his words, Ved donated it all to a charity close to his heart. The entire amount, which Ved has not disclosed but has hinted to be more than $10,000, will now go to The Art Of Living India – an Indian nonprofit that focuses on bringing education to the slums.

“I'm kind of a proponent for education,” the short-term owner of explained.

Needless to say, had someone else been in Ved’s shoes, they probably wouldn’t have given all the money away. However, his donation will hopefully improve lives of numerous poor children in his country of origin.

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