This Is What The 105,000-Gallon California Oil Spill Looks Like

A state of emergency has been declared in southern California.

crude oil

In what is being called "a disaster" and "a worst-nightmare scenario," as much as 105,000 gallons of crude oil leaded into the Pacific Ocean from a broken pipe.

“Cleanup crews fanned out across an oil-fouled California beach on Wednesday to scoop up gobs of petroleum spewed from a burst pipeline in what may be the biggest oil spill to hit the pristine but energy-rich Santa Barbara coastline in 46 years,” Reuters reported.

WhilePlains All American Pipeline finally switched off the broken pipe, it’s unclear as to how much time it’ll take to clean up the mess.

Here are some images from the site affected by the spill:

santa barbara crude oil

105000 gallons of oil may have spilled in Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara oil spill

Oil Spill in Santa Barbara

Ruptured Pipeline Leaks Crude Oil Off Santa Barbara Coast

Large crude oil spill along southern Santa Barbara County

Oil Spill Off Santa Barbara County Coastline

Up to 105K Gallons of Oil Spill in California

Massive Crude Oil Spill Near Santa Barbara Beaches

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