Sarah Palin Addresses President Barack Obama’s Scandalous Hat Trick On Facebook

Sarah Palin has posted a scathing note on Facebook (yet again) regarding President Obama and how he was not the right choice for America.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has posted a scathing note on Facebook (yet again) regarding President Obama and how he was not the right choice for America.

The note emerges at a time when the Obama administration is surrounded by several allegations and controversies like IRS, Associated Press privacy breach and Benghazi attacks. In fact, Palin has addressed all three of them including one more involving a Marine who held an umbrella over Obama’s head yesterday at Rose Garden.

1-      Benghazi Attacks:

Palin has previously criticized Obama’s weak role in the Benghazi attacks on the U.S. Consulate last year. Former Vice Presidential candidate had accused the President of engaging in "shuck and jive shtick" regarding the terrorist attack. This time around she has two more scandals to support her criticism.

And in regards to Benghazi, when you should have taken appropriate action to save American lives – for instance by calling in the Marines – you were AWOL. Just weeks before the election your team scrubbed the Benghazi talking points in 12 different versions, lied to the American people about some YouTube video being to blame for the deaths of brave Americans who put our country first, and you prove Michael Barone right when he writes, “What actually happened in Benghazi was out of sync with the Obama campaign line.” That’s why you all did what you did. Pure raw politics were at play during a horrific time of loss.”

2-      IRS Scandal:

While addressing the Internal Revenue Service controversy (aka Tea Party Scandal) and the resignation of the head of IRS Palin wrote:

Today in the Rose Garden you dismissed the idea of a Special Counsel to investigate the IRS scandal. With that, your galling political hubris shined bright in the midst of today’s dark clouds.”

Mr. President, how can we trust your Justice Department to conduct an independent investigation when there is a systemic violation of the Hatch Act throughout your administration?

The scandal sparked last week, when an IRS official revealed at a meeting of tax lawyers that the agency had inappropriately singled out Tea Party and other conservative groups for extra scrutiny of their claims for tax-exempt status.

3-      The Associated Press (AP) Outrage:

The U.S. government secretly seized telephone records of AP offices and reporters for a two-month period in 2012 which was revealed by the news agency this week; they described the acts as a "massive and unprecedented intrusion" into news-gathering operations. Something quite similar was highlighted by Sarah Palin in her note:

For more evidence of Hatch Act violations right under your nose, simply consider DOJ’s “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into the free press. Do you think they picked up some political talk when tapping the phones in the House press gallery?”

So these were the points that Sarah Palin brought up in her open letter to President Obama. She also mentioned the fact that Eric Holder needs to resign since he is not doing his job well as the Attorney General and Americans don’t want him to hold that position anymore. She began and ended her note with the mention of the Marine holding the umbrella but the ending sentence was particularly sarcastic:

“…glad you finally called in the Marines... shame it was just to hold your umbrella.”

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