Sarah Palin "Disappointed" And "Perplexed" That So Many People Voted For Obama (Video)

Appearing on Fox News on election night, Sarah Palin, looking frazzled, expressed sadness and confusion over the election results.

Sarah Palin joined the ranks of the half-aware this election day. Appearing sleepy and frazzled in an election night interview on Fox News, Palin said she was "disappointed," with the results (which were not official at the time, but looking bad for Romney).

She then gave a cogent explanation about how the attacks on Bain Capital hurt Mitt Romney in the midwest. Like Karl Rove, she blamed this on the Obama campaign. The line from the Fox News "intelligentsia" like Palin and Rove seems to be that no one in their right mind could have voted for Obama, so the Obama campaign must have brainwashed their voters.

Sure, that's one explanation. Funny thing is, some people would say the same thing about Fox News.

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