Sarah Palin Equates Waterboarding To Baptism

Sarah Palin’s latest analogy is the mother of all gaffes.

If Sarah Palin were president, things would be quite different and probably a lot worse than they already are.

This is not a sweeping claim. The former Alaska governor and once vice-presidential candidate proved it herself at the National Rifle Association’s “Stand and Fight Rally” on Sunday afternoon.

Palin revealed her hypothetical anti-terrorism policies which were, unsurprisingly, as bizarre as all of her previous statements.

“If I were in charge,” Palin said, “[America's enemies] would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

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She also took a shot at top anti-NRA government officials including former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Attorney General Eric Holder and Vice President Joe Biden, in particular, for his advice that instead of using gun violence, assailants can be deterred by firing a shotgun into the air.

“Just aim up in the air — that was his directive, his advice,” Palin remarked. “Well, fine, Joe Squirt Gun, if your rapist is a bird.”

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Waterboarding has always been condemned by human rights activists.

It has been one of the most abusive interrogation methods and widely used at Guantanamo Bay, the military prison at the U.S. Naval Base in Cuba, where almost 86 detainees out of the 166 have been found not guilty.

The technique has been supported by U.S. officials who have a controversial political past and perhaps lack credibility.

So it’s not really much of a shock that Palin is equating waterboarding with baptism, but then again she is the one who called North Korea an American ally in November 2010.

Former Vice president Dick Cheney was the subject of much criticism in March when he revealed he didn’t regret the use of waterboarding by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

He added he would "do it all over again” if given the chance.


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