Sarah Palin's Tweet Channels Desire Of The Right To Combine Every Obama Scandal

Sarah Palin is having a hard time keeping track of the Obama Administration's recent scandals, so she has started conflating them, like she did in this tweet.

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Sarah Palin is having a hard time keeping track of the Obama Administration's recent scandals. And who could blame her: both involve acronyms: AP and IRS. No, there's no reason anyone keeping track of the news would logically combine or conflate those two, one of which is a branch of the government, the other a news organization, but well, consider this tweet:

So, to review: the IRS scandal is about the Internal Revenue Service giving undue attention and audits to Tea Party related groups with tax exempt status. The AP scandal is about the Department of Justice hacking the phone records of members and offices of the Associated Press after the AP published a leak related to a terrorist plot in Yemen. The Department of Justice also tracked a Fox News reporter who was getting inside scoops on intelligence related to North Korea. Does anyone other than Sarah Palin see a connection here, other than that Obama has had to talk about both in the same press conference?
The right would love for the AP and IRS scandals to braid themselves together into a giant Obama-spiracy that results in Obama getting impeached and Republicans winning big in the next two elections. Sarah Palin seems to have incorporated that desire into how she sees the world, so that all scandals are the same scandal: the IRS is hacking your phone! The AP covered up Benghazi! The Benghazi embassy was audited by the IRS!

With Obama's major terrorism address yesterday, which touched on Benghazi, the Fox News reporter, the conflict of freedom of the press with national security, Guantanamo and much more, there are so many real substantive issues to talk about. Doing that isn't politically expedient, however. And scandals like these are just about the only thing that keep Sarah Palin relevant these days, so she will keep making non-sensical jokes about them that entirely ignore the facts.

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