Satanic Temple Display In Florida's Capitol Approved

The display proposed by the Satanic Temple was at first denied access to the Florida Capitol rotunda.

Tired of colorful Christmas trees and jolly mall Santas? 

Florida has a display for you!

An approved diorama with the phrase "Happy holidays from the Satanic Temple", featuring an angel falling into hell, will find a home in Florida's Capitol. 

A year ago, the display was rejected as being "grossly offensive."

Lucien Greaves, spokesman for the Satanic Temple, said in an email that "the difference seems to be in the fact that this time around we arrived with lawyers."  The temple threatened to sue after being rejected last year but never took action, is scheduled to put up its display Dec. 22.

Need more non-traditional holiday fun? Festivus, a festival "for the rest of us," will be back as a 6-foot stack of empty beer cans. A pair of nativity scenes will also be featured. 

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