Already Bored Of Satya Nadella Profiles? Check Out The Absurd, Hilarious Tweets

Satya Nadella became the new CEO of Microsoft. Then he became a meme.

Satya Nadella is the new CEO of Microsoft, and the internet-going public is clamoring to figure out who he is. If you want to know true things about Satya Nadella, take a look at our ten facts about him, but you can supplement them with these excerpts from the twitter hashtag #satyafacts. #Satyafacts are different from Satya facts in that, well, you'll get the idea:

Some #satyafacts got existential:

Chris Bryant was one of two #satyafacts stars. We'll get to the other one in a second.

Satya Nadella can apparently perform great feats of strength:

Due to his name, it is apparently all too tempting to compare Nadella to Nutella.


Owen Thomas had a blast with the #satyafacts meme:



We'll finish with one of the most random ones:


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