Why Is No One Talking About The Ground Military Operation In Yemen?

The events unfolding in Yemen represent a significant escalation in the Saudi-led military campaign against the Houthi rebels. But why is the West so quiet about it?

Military Operation In Yemen

In what is being called the first major ground operation by the coalition formed by Saudi Arabia against the Houthis in Yemen, the United Arab Emirates has sent a military brigade to seize full control of the country’s largest army base from the rebels.

And while a military intervention in Ukraine by Russian forces last year prompted a lot of criticism in the West, the mainstream media is turning a blind eye to what could potentially be a ground invasion of Yemen.

Hundreds of Emirati troops, tanks and armored vehicles were allegedly photographed entering the southern Yemeni port of Aden.

Although Saudi Arabia and its allies, including UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar, have been carrying out airstrikes in Yemen since March 26, this was the first time a ground operation was launched.

While the reason behind the change in strategy hasn’t been disclosed by the coalition, it comes almost three weeks after the Obama administration signed a nuclear deal with Iran, whose increasing influence in the region is why Saudi Arabia attacked its neighbor.

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The new ground operation by Saudi-led forces poses more questions for the United States which has been criticized for supporting its Arab ally in carrying out an attack even though it lacked rational, clear courses of action.

Also, considering the fact that Washington strongly opposed Russian aggression in Ukraine, it’s just baffling as to why the U.S. would allow a similar unrest to unfold in Yemen.

Around 1,693 civilians have been killed and 4,000 others wounded since then. According to a June estimate by UNICEF, at least 279 Yemeni children were killed and 402 others injured in 10 weeks of violence. Around 80 percent of the population is in need of aid.

The conflict has been described as “catastrophic” by the United Nations. But considering the latest ground intervention initiated by the UAE, it doesn’t look like Saudi Arabia or its coalition forces really care about any violation of the international law.

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