Saudi Arabia Goes Bonkers At Female Newscaster Appearing Without Scarf

August 6, 2014: It's still dark ages for women in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian media has a major controversy on its hands at the center of which is a newsreader that committed the grave sin of appearing on national television with her head uncovered.

The sight of a female presenter without a scarf caused a massive outrage in the oil rich country which is notoriously conservative when it comes to women and women's rights issues.

What makes the controversy even more ridiculous is that the news bulletin in which the female newscaster appeared was being broadcast from London. Granted that it was for the Saudi Arabian channel Al Ekhbariya but expecting foreign-based correspondents to religiously follow the intricate details of  the strict Saudi female dress code is taking things a bit too far.

Arguments have been made that it's the Islamic laws that compel women to cover their bodies and heads when in public view. However, one can't help but notice that these extremities are observed and enforced only for women while the other gender freely maneuvers its way around Quran and Sunnah's teachings.

For instance, just last month two Saudi diplomats, who were accused of committing a DUI offence in the UK, dodged legal persecution, thanks to their diplomatic immunity. Consumption of alcohol in Saudi Arabia is a crime punishable by brutal public lashings, but the VVIP duo escaped repercussions even on their home soil. FYI, women aren't even allowed to drive cars in the Kingdom.

Similarly, while covering up body parts is a religious requirement, so is being modest with your spending. But the entire world knows how fond the well-heeled Arabians are of ridiculously expensive and luxurious commodities.

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This is also the country whose Prince murdered a man in a sexually motivated attack in London but walked away a free man after just three years behind bars.

It's instances like these that led World Economic Forum to brand Saudi Arabia one of the worst countries for women.

Here is the Saudi Arabian newscaster's said news bulletin that sparked this controversy:


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