KSA Would Rather Spend Money On Gold Coat-Hangers Than Helpless Humans

Amna Shoaib
While Syrian refugees go from country to country in search of a peaceful life, the wealthy, oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has closed its doors on the miserable families.

The Saudi king seems to be taking his royalty status very, very seriously.

The Saudi king with Obama

King Salman arrived in the United States on Thursday to discuss the Iran nuclear deal that – although touted as the one strategy that could make this world a less dangerous place – has made KSA queasy about the balance of power in the Middle East.

In true royal style, the monarch arrived in a motorcade of 10 cars and hired 400 additional luxury cars for his entourage. The entire Four Seasons Hotel was booked through Saturday, so the king's status was not contaminated by contact with lowly commoners. The royalty's Midas touch was also apparent – regular coat hangers and mirror frames were replaced with gold ones. Four Seasons then rolled out the red carpet so that the feet of His Highness never had to touch asphalt.

And while this extravagant, unnecessary show of wealth has made the House of Saud an object of bewilderment around the world, it seems that KSA will not extend this generosity to Syrian refugees.

Refugees Countries

KSA is one of the three wealthiest Islamic countries, as the IlmFeed reports, that has so far refused to budge on its anti-refugee policy. The refugees have found much more hospitable welcomes in lesser well-off countries, like Turkey, Iran and Lebanon.

european refugees crisis

Many European countries may mince their words about their stance on refugees, or hesitate to admit their obvious nonchalance toward the issue, but Saudi Arabia has been clear about its anti-refugee policy from the beginning. Recently, Saudi families were barred from adopting Syrian children who may have found a better life in Saudi homes.

This is even more exasperating considering KSA itself is accused of bringing about a large part of the Syrians' plight. The Kingdom has been held culpable for fueling Shia-Sunni rivalry within the Islamic world, and for aiding the cancerous growth of ISIS, which drove scores of Syrian families from their homes.

Syrian families

So the Saudi princes drive around in Bentleys and refuse to touch anything that is not made of gold. In the meantime, the refugees despair for a patch of land they can call home.