Saudi Men Molest Women Because They Wear "Too Much Makeup"

This is victim blaming at its most pathetic level.

Saudi Arabia Survey

Misogynistic, religious and moral policing of women has been one of the most contentious issues surrounding Saudi Arabia for as long as anyone can remember, and now we have a survey that confirms the sad state of affairs.

According to a study conducted by the Riyadh-based King Abdul Aziz Centre for National Dialogue:

“Saudi men believe women are to blame for the rising cases involving molestation of females on the grounds they are seduced by women’s excessive make up.”

More than 86 percent of the men stated that excessive makeup on awoman’s face – especially mascara and eyeliner – is the main reason behind the rise in sexual harassment cases in public places.

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The damning survey, which was published in various Saudi newspapers, involved 992 males and females over the age of 19.

Lack of anti-molestation laws, “poor religious sentiment” and absence of warning signs at public places were cited amongst key factors contributing to sexual harassment.

The findings of the survey, it must be noted, are everything wrong with rape culture.

Sadly, it’s not just Saudi men who blame women for sexual misconduct.

A number of politicians, leaders, lawyers, news anchors and even celebrities from all over the world have held women responsible for public harassment.

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The absurd assertion, though, is not particularly shocking coming from a country like Saudi Arabia which has a long – long – way to go in protecting and honoring women rights.

The orthodox Islamic country has frequently been voted as one of the top five countries worst for women in the world.

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