Request To See Fiancee's Face Before Engagement Lands Saudi Man In ER

Apparently, asking to see the face of your future fiancée is a major crime in the kingdom.

Marriage in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi man was beaten up by his would-be fiancée’s relatives after he made the mistake of asking to see her face before their engagement ceremony, reports a local newspaper.

The unfortunate man consented to all the terms of his arranged marriage but enraged his in-laws after demanding to see his bride without her veil just once before exchanging rings.

"He then insisted on seeing her face," Sada daily said in a report from the capital Riyadh. “The parents were mad and screamed at him while her brother threw an ashtray at the man before assaulting him. The engagement was cancelled.”

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It is against traditional Islamic values for unmarried bride and groom to see each other before marriage, although some modern clerics do believe there is no real harm if a bride takes her veil off in front of a suitor before tying the knot.

However, it's interesting that all this debate of what's Islamic and what isn't only starts in matters involving women. When it comes to well-connected individuals or royal families, all religious and moral standards go out the window in Saudi Arabia.

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