Saudi Muslim Man Tells Arabs What They Need To Learn From The West (VIDEO)


The video above features former Saudi Shura Council Ibrahim Al buleihi giving an interview in which he talks about how Arabs need to learn from the West to progress and prosper.

He begins by saying, “When we want to study a religious issue, we go back to our heritage. But when we want to study an earthly matter, such as why we are backward why other are prosperous we must search for the answer elsewhere, not in our heritage.”

The interviewer then asks, “Where is elsewhere?” He quickly replies, “In the West , without a doubt.”

He adds in to his point by giving the example of Japan, “The east only emulates the west. Take Japan for example, if not for its openness to western culture, it too would have remained backward.”

This is coming from a person who’s influential. He is a Saudi liberal writer, thinker and philosopher who has held a range of positions in government and business throughout his life.

His comments generated both negative and positive comments on Reddit,while some were worried about him being shot; there were others who appreciated and then there those who didn’t. Have a look:



This kind of humility is key to development on any level in any society


FINALLY! A voice of reason from the Arab world. All of humanity needs more of this.



Wow. That was an incredibly concise, well thought out and carefully worded answer. Very good video, good to see a change of pace!


Some of his points are very valid, but to say muslims never sought out knowledge and studied the world around them is an incredibly misinformed opinion that ignores the Islamic Golden Age.

Do yourself a favor and read up on it here.


Ahh, yep this way of thinking isn't uncommon to Arabs. My whole Arab family thinks this way. They all miss Lebanon or Syria terribly and they can't go back because of how unpredictable the conflicts are. If people only felt how this speaker felt, things would be so much better.


This guy is pretty goddamn awesome. Just an open-minded, truth-seeking individual in a very close-minded society. Huge props.


The video is old but is now trending after being published on Reddit.

Take a look at his entire interview in which he speaks about Arabs in the contemporary world and what they need to learn from western culture instead of rejecting them.

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