Saudi Princess, Meshael Alayban Arrested For Human Trafficking, Made Kenyan Workers Her Slaves

Today, Saudi Princess Meshael Alayban will be indicted and arraigned in Santa Ana California for one felony count of human trafficking.

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It seems like not a day goes by without a member of Saudi Royalty making news for some sort of crime. Today, Saudi Princess Meshael Alyban will be indicted and arraigned in Santa Ana California for one felony count of human trafficking. If found guilty, Princess Alayban will spend up to twelve years in prison. Prosecutors claim that Alayban hired several Kenyan workers as servants, only to steal their passports and make them her slaves.

Meshael Alayban’s wealth and notoriety in Saudi Arabia will not be enough to save her from punishment. As Alayban currently lives in California, she will be prosecuted in an American court of law. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas spoke about Alayban in a public statement saying, “The laws of our nation and California do not tolerate people who deprive or violate the liberty of another and obtain forced labor or services.” Bail for Meshael Alayban has been set at five-million dollars. She has also been ordered to wear a GPS tracking device until her trial.

In the indictment against Alayban, prosecutors claim that the princess illegally smuggled Africans into Saudia Arabis to work as indentured servants in and around her home. These desperate African servants were only paid $220 a month, and were forced to work sixteen-hour days and received constant abuse from their “employer”. Alayban is accused of taking away these worker’s passports so that they could not return to Africa.

Alayban also allegedly brought a Kenyan workers to the U.S. for similar duties. This Kenyan worker was ordered to lie about his work conditions to the United States Embassy. The worker was tasked to maintain and serve eight residents in Alayban’s California residence full time. Like other workers, Alayban refused to return the Kenyan’s passport.

Most human-trafficking cases involve the sex trade and forced prostitution. In this case, Alayban simply moved desperate workers across country lines to be her personal indentured slaves.

As the case against Alayban moves forward, it is likely that even more insidious allegations of abuse will come to light. Carbonated.TV will continue to update this story as new details are released. 

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