New Saudi Ruler Boots Late King Abdullah’s Sons From Big Jobs

What is the new king playing at? In what is being termed as his attempt to cement his hold on power.

Salman bin Abdulaziz

New Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz fired two sons of the late King Abdullah from their government posts, alongside other important reshuffles in the cabinet.

“He removed two of the late king's sons from big jobs, making Faisal bin Bandar Riyadh governor instead of Turki bin Abdullah and reinstating Khaled al-Faisal as Mecca governor less than two years after he was replaced by Mishaal bin Abdullah,” Reuters reported.

Salman also named one of his sons, Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the new president of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs.

The drastic changes come only a week after he was made king, following the death of his half-brother Abdullah. 

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Apart from making sudden, major changes in the cabinet, Salman also announced a bonus of two months' salary for all Saudi government employees, military personnel, students and pensioners according to the Saudi Press Agency.

"Dear people: You deserve more and whatever I do will not be able to give you what you deserve," the king said on his official Twitter account, asking his people to not forget him in their prayers.

Almost a week ago when Salman, 79, assumed power, many were skeptical of his role as king primarily because he is not at the prime of his health. However, keeping into account his latest cabinet reshuffle and firing of the late king’s sons, it seems he may not be as weak a ruler as he was previously made out to be.

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