The Seductive Voices Of Saudi Women And How They Could Land Them In Trouble

Here is yet another comment by a Saudi scholar to baffle our minds.

Woman, Hush Thy Sexy Voice

Here is yet another comment by a Saudi scholar to baffle our minds.

The learned man has warned women against accepting work in direct marketing or telemarketing services, saying it could have ominous consequences for them.

The scholar, Abdul Aziz Al Fawz, a jurisprudence professor no less, probably had the best of intentions when he said, “Such jobs, because of their nature, could result in grave problems for women.”

‘How?’the baffled mind asks.

He explains, “When women call men they do not know in their homes or offices and use a soothing and coquettish tone of voice to make them accept specific offers, we have a serious problem because the conversation could ultimately lead to soliciting and blackmailing.”

“From a religious point of view, the companies themselves should avoid recruiting women to do their marketing with strange men because they put them at the risk of being harassed or becoming subject to vulgarities by some people whose religious values are weak and who lack good manners,”he further said.

That explains it.

People are really silly by responding to his sincere advice in this manner:

He means well. God forbid a man hears a woman’s coquettish, beseeching voice and get the wrong idea in his head.

He reminds us of his brother in faith Sheikh Saleh bin Saad al-Lohaidan, who not long ago urged women in his country not to drive for fear of damaging their reproductive organs and future generations.

He also got a severe lash back:

Do you remember another well intentioned decree by the men of God that asked women with 'Tempting' Eyes to cover up or face the consequences?

People are really not aware of the goodness of heart and intent of Saudi men, especially scholars and religious police.

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Hasn’t Saudi Arabia given women the right to vote? Of course, there haven’t ever been any elections in the Kingdom, but you never know. Rest assured whenever the Kingdom turns a democratic page, the women will be right there in lines; waiting for their turn to vote. They better do it quietly though, lest they invoke some sort of seductive mayhem.

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And they do allow their women to ride bikes and they even are even gracious enough as to design a women only city.

And for all those who cry about the women not getting the right to work, of course they can work. There are thousands of lingerie shops in the Kingdom and do they hire men? No siree, only women to be employed there.

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