Saudi Woman Dies After Her Daughter Is Rejected From Medical School

Just minutes before her death, Al-Hwaity threatened the college administration that she would stage a sit-in outside the campus.

A Saudi mother died at a university campus after administrators refused to grant medical school admission to her daughter despite her achieving the required score in the qualifying examination.

Rahma Al-Hwaity and her husband, Faisal Al-Hwaity visited the University of Tabuk to find out why their daughter’s application was rejected.

Footage of the argument that ensued minutes before the woman’s death has been uploaded to YouTube. It shows her threatening the school administration with a protest outside the campus.

“I will either die victorious or be struck with grief,” Al-Hwaity reportedly told an admissions consultant.

Just moments later she died from a heart attack while waiting outside for her husband.

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The university denied responsibility for the woman's death in a press release while providing an explanation of the issue with her daughter’s admission. It stated the girl was accepted into the program she listed as a preference on her application.

The father, however, disputed that claim, accusing the college of changing his daughter’s choices.

The incident – and its video – has prompted national debate in Saudi Arabia. People are using the hashtags #?????_???? (The University of Tabuk) and #????_?????_????_????_??_???? (The mother who died from grief in Tabuk) to express their outrage over the deceased woman’s treatment by the university, according to Mohammed Al Nemer, a Saudi blogger with Global Voices.

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The Ministry of Education has ordered an investigation into the incident.

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