Woman Films Saudi Religious Police Harassing Her For An Absurd Reason

The woman was in a mall with her husband when she was approached by the morality police, who enforce Saudi Arabia’s strict interpretation of the Sharia law.

A woman courageously defied the notorious Saudi Arabian religious police after a couple of officers started harassing her for dressing "provocatively" in a mall in the country’s capital Riyadh.

She filmed the entire incident on her cell phone and posted the footage on YouTube.

As the woman, who identifies herself as Fatma Ibrahim Hussein in the video. was shopping with her husband two officers ordered her to leave the premises of the mall, deeming her appearance too “provocative.”

After the men refused to identify themselves, an argument broke out in a jewelry store. According to France 24, one of the agents accused the woman of wearing mascara which was “visible through a slit in the niqab around the eyes that allows women to see."

When Hussein pointed out wearing makeup is not legally prohibited in the country, he replied that it was in fact a “religious law."

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The Gulf Kingdom’s religious police force, called the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, also known as Hayaa, or Mutawiyin (meaning the pious), has often been accused of abusing its powers.

In a similar incident in 2012, a young Saudi woman was filmed yelling at Hayaa officers in a shopping mall. Despite the fact that she was dressed according to Sharia laws, the woman was harassed for wearing nail polish and lipstick.

Along with other law enforcement agencies, the morality police in Saudi Arabia makes sure women and men are segregated in public and they do not do anything too "Western." Saudis can be arrested for even the smallest actions, like giving hugs to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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