Say Goodbye To Taking A Selfie On Space Mountain

Selfie sticks are a good idea in theory, but let's be real people, they are just way too much sometimes.

selfie sticks, disney worldSelfie sticks have been all the rage for quite some time now. Despite their convenience and awesome (but lame) ability to take a selfie of you and in front of some monument, Disney World will allow them no more.

Imagine riding on a roller coaster,and some idiot is holding a selfie stick, trying to capture a photo of themselves 'enjoying the ride'. Not only is it a huge danger, it's also just plain annoying. 

Okay, so they aren't banned completely from the Most Magical Place in the World. You can bring the sticks into the park, but don't even think about bringing them onto the rides. That's right folks, you'll have to enjoy Space Mountain without taking a photo of yourself, and relive your memories in your head instead of a selfie.

Disney World, Selfie Stick

Disney is not the first to hop on the bandwagon of places banning this ridiculous invention (that everyone loves but won't admit). Other major attractions and venues have banned them as well, as well as Lollapalooza and Coachella. 

Just as drunk people shouldn't be trusted to handle a giant stick, neither should anyone who thinks its a good idea to do it while on top of a massive roller coaster.

People will just have to go back to enjoying Disney the way they used politely asking someone else to take a photo of you. How soul-crushing.

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