It's Official: Men Want Sex, Even If They Starve

A scientific study suggests that male brains are wired to prioritize finding a mate over food.

If you have to choose between food and a partner for life, which option would you go for? One study suggests that men are more wired to seek a life partner, while women will opt for food. In simpler words, men are more likely to choose sex over food.   

We don't know if the results are exactly groundbreaking, but that's what came out of a study by Dr. Douglas Portman of the University of Rochester, who worked on a series of experiments with other scientists.

The study made use of microscopic roundworms, scientifically known as C. elegans. This particular specimen previously helped scientists understand some fundamental aspects of the animal kingdom and were involved in three Nobel Prize-winning research studies.

The worms can either be male or hermaphrodites, the latter of which are self-fertilizing. The study focused on a single pair of neurons in these organisms that control smell, which is a mechanism used in finding food or a mate. When placed near food, the male worms would "wander" in a manner that made scientists believe they were searching for a mate, while hermaphrodites would linger by the food.

“While we know that human behavior is influenced by numerous factors, including cultural and social norms, these findings point to basic biological mechanisms that may not only help explain some differences in behavior between males and females, but why different sexes may be more susceptible to certain neurological disorders,” said Portman.

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