Scientists Claim They Will Soon Predict Where Lightning Strikes

May, 15, 2014: Predicting lightning is now possible, in theory that is.

Predict Nature

Taming nature has so far proved impossible for man, but predicting it might soon become a possibility if a team of British scientists are to be believed.

Researchers at University of Reading have claimed that they now finally understand the chain of reactions that causes lightning strikes on our Earth. It means that observing the series of preceding natural forces could in theory enable them to forecast when lightning bolts would strike.

Predicting Nature

According to the findings of their study, the number of lightning strikes goes up when our planet's atmosphere is invaded by high-speed solar particles, which the Sun generates in abundance during its rotations.

This solar activity is already observed closely by the plethora of satellites roaming the atmosphere, which is why scientists are hopeful their new understanding could lead to them to predicting future occurrences.

Predicting Nature

"There's something like 24,000 people struck by lightning each year, so having any understanding or advanced warning of the severity of lightning storms has to be useful," said lead researcher Dr Chris Scott.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as Scott and company believe that observing the same trends could also lead them to gaining critical insight about climatic changes.

Details of the said study can be found in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

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