Japanese Man Upset He Can’t Study At A Women-Only University – So He’s Suing Them

Male privilege is when you knowingly apply to a women’s-only university as a man.

man sues womens university japan

In Japan, a disgruntled unnamed man is suing a university that rejected him. He probably should've seen it coming – he's a man applying to a women's university.  

The disgruntled would-be scholar claims Fukuoka Women’s University is gender discriminatory, arguing that its rejection of his application is unconstitutional.

He applied to the department of nutrition and health science in November 2014, hopeful to pursue his dreams of becoming a dietician in the only public university that offers that kind of program in Japan.

But, alas and expectedly, he was rejected.

In Japan, the constitution mandates that people should not be discriminated against on the basis of their gender and that education ought to be equal for all.

And that is how this unnamed man formed his argument for a case. "A public university is a public entity that is being maintained by tax," he said in his complaint, filed at the Fukuoka District Court. "If my application is rejected, the path to become a dietician would be narrow as I will be forced to go to a university outside the prefecture or a private college."

The university, on the other hand, stands firm that it has a 91-year-old history of promoting women’s education. “We are determined to continue to provide education to prepare women for leadership roles,” said an official.

Who knows if he will be successful in his attempt to fix what he believes is an inherently flawed system – but we know if this was a woman who had applied to a male-only university, the situation would be very, very different.

Male privilege is perhaps best illustrated when you knowingly apply to a university that is meant only for women, and then attempt to cause a legal ruckus about it.

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