Scottish Newspaper Does What 28 U.S. Governors Couldn’t

In a demonstration of moral courage, Scotland opened its gates to Syrian refugees with a heartwarming welcome poster published in one of the national newspapers.

Scotland National Newspaper

As a gesture of exemplary reception, Scotland’s The National newspaper ran its Tuesday front page with the headline, “Welcome To Scotland.”

The greeting poster came as the first batch of about 100 Syrian refugees arrived in Glasgow Tuesday night.

The poster showcasing Scotland’s serene countryside states, “To the first refugees fleeing war-torn Syria who will arrive at Glasgow airport today, we’d just like to say: Welcome to Scotland.”

Scotland National Newspaper

The poster won applause from a lot of people on social media who are praising the initiative by the Scottish newspaper to welcome Syrian refugees — who are in dire need to be given a shelter now that the winters have arrived.

The refugees’ settlement crisis has seemingly suffered a setback in the aftermath of the recent Paris attacks. However, Scotland refused to back out  unlike 28 U.S. states — and opened its doors for asylum-seekers as part of the United Kingdom’s pledge to take around 4,000 refugees a year.

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