No Independence For Scotland: What Scots Feel About The 'No' Vote

Here’s how people feel about the result of the Scotland Independence referendum.

The much-anticipated referendum poll for independence finally came on Sept. 18 in Scotland, after years of campaigning, and Scots gave their verdict.

It’s a firm no.

A majority of Scots decided they do not want independence, much to the dismay of the "yes" campaigners who wanted to end to Scotland’s 305-year-old political union with England.

Here are the official results.

Despite his camp suffering defeat, the First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond remained hopeful about whatever comes next.

In an emotional address, the Scottish National Party leader reacted to the final results, saying he accepted "the democratic verdict of the people" and called on everyone else to "do the same" as he conceded defeat in his fight for Scottish independence.

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Here’s the reaction from both anti- and pro-independence camps:

"Better Together"

"Yes Scotland"

And here's the general public reaction:

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