This Is Where Right-Wing Pundits Went Wrong (Again)

June 20, 2014: Conservative mouthpieces show how to silence the voice of reason in three easy steps.


A woman made headlines earlier this week after she politely reminded the representatives of a prominent conservative think tank to be less bigoted in their views during a conference on the Benghazi scandal.

As if the response she received wasn’t shameful enough, she was invited by host Sean Hannity on Fox News to endure yet another grilling session on Thursday.

The Heritage Foundation panel was supposed to discuss the Benghazi controversy and the role of the Obama administration in it on Monday. However, the political debate suddenly descended into the conservatives' routine Muslim bashing.

In response, Saba Ahmed, an American University law student and the only Muslim attendee of the convention, told the panelists that not all 1.8 billion Muslims of the world including the millions living in the U.S. were "bad" and that not one of them was represented at the conference. She was met with racist jeers and Islamophobic taunts from the panelists.

A video of the controversial Q&A session sparked a flurry of debate on the Internet among media critics.

When Sean Hannity invited Ahmed on his show, later in the week, he was no different!

Here are three things Hannity did that are so typical of conservative bigots.

1. Where's the real issue?

The real problem lies in the response Ahmed received from the Heritage Foundation panelists.

But Hannity lost the plot and chose instead to show his conservative prejudice towards Islam. 

“This was supposed to be about four dead Americans, this was supposed to be about Benghazi. You’re given the microphone and you start talking about, I guess, I sense the treatment of Muslims in America,” Hannity said, implying Ahmed’s question was completely irrelevant – when actually it wasn’t.

The panelists on Monday had shot back at Saba with questions like, “Are you an American?” and that “180-300 million Muslims are dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization.”

Rather than talking about the scathing reaction, Hannity chose to accuse Ahmed of raising the point in the first place.

2. Interrupt, interrupt, interrupt!

Furthering his attack on Saba, Hannity asked her why she – and other “so-called” moderate Muslims – didn’t speak up against radical laws in countries like Saudi Arabia where women are forced to cover their bodies and not allowed to drive.

“I am a Muslim American, I am wearing the headscarf, no one’s forcing me to wear it…” Ahmed started to reply when she was interjected by the host who said he wasn’t really concerned with what she was doing.

It is a typical Fox News tactic that comes into play whenever the “accused” guest tries to break stereotypes.

3. Stop before she wins!

As soon as Ahmed started saying that she was indeed against all the injustices in the world being carried out in the name of her religion, Hannity decided to end the exchange.

“Well I am speaking out,” she exclaimed. “I am against a lot of the barbaric practices around the world. I think Islam has been misused by a lot of people…”

“We’re gonna have to leave it there,” the host interrupted – yet again – ending the segment while thanking both Ahmed and Gabriel for coming on his show.

You can watch the complete Hannity interview in the video below:

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