Seasonal Allergies Are Deadly For Cats And Dogs

Seasonal allergies may not only be harming your cat or dog, it may be slowly killing them.

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Seasonal allergies present an annoying, yet rarely serious problem for millions of Americans each year. What most don’t know, however, is that household pets such as cats and dogs can also suffer from seasonal allergies.  Unlike humans, household pets are less capable of withstanding these allergic attacks on their bodies. In fact, certain types of seasonal allergies may not only be harming your cat or dog, it may kill them.

A recent report on the allergic reactions to a species of mold, Aspergillus felis shows that the common fungus is capable of inciting fungal infections not just in humans, but in dogs and cats as well. When humans contact the fungus, the body contacts a disease called aspergillosis. The human response to this disease is the common snuffy nose and itchy eyes commonly associated with allergies. It’s important to note that “allergies” is not a disease in itself, but instead a body’s reaction to a perceived foreign invasion.

Cats and dogs also suffer from aspergillosis, but the effect this mold has on them is much more dangerous. Whereas the human body is capable of limiting the mold’s pollen from spreading far past the body’s lungs, animals are not able to contain the fungal spores from spreading further into their bodies. In the case of dogs and cats, this fungal mold is able to penetrate into the animal’s nasal cavity, causing a condition called fungal rhinosinustis. From that point, the mold may even spread into the pet’s eyes and brain causing incalculable amounts of damage.

This fungal mold may exist in pets for years – and ultimately kill them – without their owners ever knowing what’s wrong. Dogs and cats do show mild allergic symptoms such as long-time sniffle and sneezes.  What’s more worrisome is that The pet may also feel constant pain and fever, but be unable to communicate that to its owner.

Treating allergies in pets is difficult, but there are ways to limit the mold’s assault on your pet’s body. If your dog or cat seems healthy, but constantly suffers from sinus problems, have him checked out by a veterinarian; your pet may be in more distress than you realize. 

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